Viewable Outstream Video Ad Units

Publishers can boost their video advertising inventory beyond pre-roll with Rollmob’s Outstream video ad units for desktop and mobile traffic.

There is a limited supply of true pre-roll video inventory available in the marketplace and advertisers are always looking for more inventory to place their video advertisements.

With video consumption up, advertisers are following the eyeballs. eMarketer estimates that US digital video ad spend reached $7.8 billion in 2015, a 33.8% year-over-year increase representing 13.3% of total digital ad dollars.

Outstream video ads are not tied to content and provide publishers with a way to deliver video ads on non video content. Due to their high viewability , Oustream video ads have much higher CPMs than traditional display and even some traditional preroll advertisements.

Publishers can create an incremental revenue stream with these new video outstream ad units.!

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Video oustream has arrived at the perfect time, right when the video industry has been unable to solve a key problem: a lack of scale.

There is growing demand for video inventory in the industry right now, but creating video to wrap ads around is a pretty big task. Not all publishers have the time and money to invest in developing their own video content, but for in-stream video inventory to be created, content has to be created.

A very high-quality publisher may not produce video content, and video outstream allows publishers to provide video ad placements for their premium articles. In doing so, outstream helps supply keep pace with video demand.

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