Video Advertising Platform for Premium Publishers

Video advertising inventory is always in high demand. Many publishers lack the time and/or money to invest in their own video content development, but in order for publishers to earn the high paying CPMs that video advertisements command, new video content either needs to be created or purchased for those ads to run against.

Or does it?

Our “ads only” video ad units allow publishers the opportunity to provide video ad placements without the need for constant new video content, offering publishers have new found revenue with little investment of time and money.

We unite cross screen devices, sales channels, and demand sources into one environment to determine the best video ad content combination, to streamline workflow and, using these real time stats, to maximize yield. The result is enhanced delivery and the most video advertising revenue for each impression.

This video advertising monetization platform gives publishers real time statistics, providing the insight and control necessary for comprehensive video inventory optimization.

An April 2016 study from ad tech firm Videology showed that viewability continued to be a top campaign objective for US advertisers in Q1 2016. Viewable rate was a goal for 52% of campaigns served by Videology, compared with 48% for viewthrough rate and 38% for clickthrough rate. Actions and conversions did not register as major objectives. The data is a reminder that a video ad only works when it’s seen, and that video advertising remains fundamentally a branding pursuit.

Leading Brands

Google/Youtube 72%
Facebook 46%
ABC 32%
Yahoo 29%
ESPN 25%
Twitter 25%
NBC 24%
A&E 22%
CNN 19%
iAD 19%




No Fees

Access to premium demand from direct
advertisers, agencies & DSP’s.