Mobile Video Advertising – Better With MRAID+VPAID

Mobile video advertising is growing more rapidly than any other digital ad format. And yet advertisers running mobile video ad campaigns are increasingly frustrated by the lack of available scale and reach, as well as the frequent technical and reporting headaches that often beset otherwise great mobile ad executions.

The good news is that help is on the way. Recently the IAB released the final draft of the new MRAID Video Addendum, better known as “MRAID+VPAID.” This add-on to the popular MRAID (Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definition) standard arose from the frustrations of ad technology vendors and creative designers trying to build and serve interstitial ads combining the rich-media delivery capabilities of MRAID with standardized video tracking and metrics accessible to third-party reporting systems.

The resulting Addendum seeks to solve this dilemma by using another commonly used standard for video ad reporting and measurement: VPAID, which provides standardized video event reporting metrics such as views, quartile completion rates and user interactions that can be tracked and incorporated into standard campaign reporting.

Some Relevant History
Expanding Mobile Video Supply
Defining the Video Impression

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